About the Study

What is the SUVN-502 Study?

The SUVN-502 Study is a research study testing whether an investigational medication, SUVN-502 can help with memory and other symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

Can I take part?

The SUVN-502 Study will involve approximately 530 people with moderate stage Alzheimer's disease across 90 US study centers. You, or someone you care for, may participate, if you:

  • Are between 50 to 85 years of age
  • Have Alzheimer's disease for at least 1 year
  • Are currently receiving treatment with Aricept® and Namenda® or Namenda XR® or the combination product, Namzaric®
  • Have a friend or relative willing to be your study partner throughout the study.

Please click here to see if you or a person you care for can join the study. Participation in the study is voluntary.

Who can I choose as my study partner?

You will need a friend or relative who would be willing to be your study partner throughout the study. This person must be Is in regular contact with you (at least 12 hours per week) and is willing to accompany you to study center visits, assist with taking medications and provide feedback about symptoms and well-being.

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Can I Join

How long will I be in the study?

The study will last up to 34 weeks. A 2 to 4 weeks Screening Period to confirm if you can join the study and 30 week Treatment Period where you will receive the investigational medication along with your current Alzheimer's disease medication. There are 6 total visits during the 34 week period.

Which investigational medication will I receive?

At the start of the Treatment Period, you will be placed randomly into one of three treatment groups:

You will have an equal chance of being placed into any of the three groups. Neither you nor your study partner, nor the study team will know which group you are assigned. You cannot choose which treatment you will receive.

You will take one tablet of the investigational medication once a day, every day for 30 weeks.

In addition, you will continue to take your Alzheimer's disease medication as prescribed by your doctor.

What happens at each of the study visit?

You and your study partner will attend 6 regular study center visits. During the visits, the study team will assess your health and well-being, using standard medical tests, questionnaires and interviews.

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